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Consult and Audit

Planning, advice and compliance audits across a range of sectors

Building and Architect Phase Management

We are increasingly working with building and refurbishment companies in the initial phases of new developments.


Engaging OMNI IPS services at an early stage can significantly reduce the ongoing associated risks from pest activity and minimise subsequent costs/disruption to a business operation.

Likewise, many problems- especially issues with birds- can even be eliminated before a brick is even laid. Working at the planning stage we can advise where issues may arise so they can be designed out or solutions factored in, during build.

We have designed our own ‘What good looks like’ manual for our pre-completion build and designer partners which is available on request.

Architect Management

Pest Audits

Our team of field biologists can carry out an in-depth independent Quality Assurance Audit and documented pest control survey.


 This should be undertaken at a frequency based on risk, but as a minimum at least annually, to review the pest control measures in place.

OMNI IPS audits include:

  • In-depth inspection of site for pest activity.

  • Review of existing pest control measures in place providing recommendations for change.

  • Inspection of all food production facilities, specifically with reference to any risk of stored product insect infestations.

  • Identify and assess the performance and suitability of pest monitoring strategies and equipment.

  • Examine performance of both the pest control contractor and the performance of site

Pest Audits
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