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Pest Management

OMNI IPS specialise in managing high risk; high-profile environments with a  focus on preventative & integrated pest control management

Commercial Pest Contracts

OMNI IPS specialise in managing high risk, high-profile commercial sites with the aim of preventing pest issues, we are also experts at tackling long standing and persistent infestations where needed.

Our staff are trained to control all public health pests and will put together a bespoke management programme which is tailored to your site and specific pest-risk.

As the work we do is fully planned with regards to site specific needs, we can’t give an ‘over the phone’ price for contract work however we will happily arrange a free, no-obligation building survey so we can put forward our proposals.

If you would like to contact the team to discuss any aspect of pest management, please call 0203 876 3065 or email

Commercial Pest Contracts

Asset Watch Integrated Cameras and Technologies

Continual monitoring is key to an effective pest management strategy and so we look to integrate the latest motion activated / PIR technology reporting through LoRa networks.

The cameras provide images of pests, when it would be impossible for humans to gain such information – but our unique system also links with activation sensors, letting us know when SMART traps may have been activated or possibly even when rodents have been walking around (in case they avoid traps or boxes).

Not only does this allow us to see into the darkness where pests live and operate, we can also get instant notification of any activity – transmitted to our staff, in real time.

This is one system that is truly 24/7/52 and one where we can escalate the need for action before the site may even know about it.

Asset Watch

Rodent and Insect Management

As Biologists from the pest industry, we were also aware of how other pest controllers were not effective at controlling pests and establishing ‘root cause’.

Some companies may be good at killing pests, but few lacked the integrated skills or could comprehend a site wide strategy - a combination of identifying source, preventing infestations before they become established and using methods, either non-chemical or technology, to detect activity as soon as it occurs.

Often the customer is the one raising the issue back to the pest company – which we believe is the wrong way around.

As well as trying to help eliminate current pest infestations, we aim to investigate the actual source of pest activity, known at IPS as 'root cause'. Our objective is to establish both how and why pest may be present; what can be done to prevent future activity; how can we minimise the ongoing risks associated with pests and importantly, keep this all within a realistic budget.

We adopt a pest-risk approach - considering pests as a hazard, the aim is to identify what the risk of such presence may result in and how that can affect a business, its day-to-day operation or the welfare of its staff over a longer period of time.

We also consider historical or prolonged activity where the opportunity for pests to gain access into a building, where the fabric of the building may be vulnerable or onsite activities may support pest immigration.

We combine traditional skills with selective use of innovative technology. All of our technical team are trained to the highest standards- many to Biologist level.

In addition to controlling existing pest infestations, our technical team use a variety of procedures and techniques to help establish population levels; identify activity ‘hotspots’ along with movement patterns - all with the aim of providing effective eradication of pests and longer-term prevention.

We work with some of the World’s leading innovators of products and control systems; as well as many of the top Educational Institutions, meaning we are in the fortunate position to have access to a range of unique service tools.

Many pest companies rely on the rodent box (or sprayer) to do the work for them. We combine the best systems on the market, which are appropriate to the site / situation / pest and use this information to strategically deliver a diligent, proactive pest management service.

Rodent Crawling Insect

Flying Insect Mangagement

Image by Sandhiya R

OMNI IPS can offer a full range of additional services and product sales including:

  • Flying insect control unit supply directly to site from UK manufacturers.

  • Professional guidance on suitability of units both current and proposed.

  • Servicing of in situ flying insect control units.

  • Confined Space Treatments.

  • Supply (Kit only) and Install (Fitted Kit) flying insect screening for doors and windows.

Flying Insect

Bedbug and Textile Pest Management

Thermal Heat Insect Control


Bed bugs and textile pests are hugely ubiquitous within the UK and are easily transferable from hotel to hotel and from transport links to conference areas.  As such, these pests can easily affect all types of properties from domestic to commercial entities.

Many insect pests are also developing genetic resistance to insecticides, partly because of continual use over many years.

As such, we widely use temperature as a significant method to control insects such as bed bugs - where large portable ‘infra-red heat tents’ can be set up on site, minimising disruption while increasing the speed and efficacy of control.  Textile pests also benefit from such methods using infra-red heat wraps, high temperature steaming and cryo treatments (-45° C).  Resistance simply doesn’t happen with the use of heat/cold.

Combine this with increased awareness of the damage that pesticide usage can cause the environment and those that live and operate within it and OMNI IPS are increasingly encouraged to look towards lower-impacting and greener (often more effective) alternatives.


Bird Management


OMNI IPS specialise in managing high risk; high-profile environments to ensure that any pest matter is ideally prevented from occurring or when required pest control services are deployed quickly, discretely and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

​Pest control is increasingly referred to as pest management and that allows OmniIPS to look holistically at a building, brand or multi-occupancy space and ensure that the correct specification is applied – we are not a one-size-fits-all operation.


​Our Bird Management services include lasers, netting, spiking, electric anti-perch, repellent gel etc. Recent work includes Large Corporate Head Offices, discrete systems at Historic Buildings, Universities and Hospitals.

Every building is different; every location is different; we get that and operate around this approach.

We also offer Falconry services for feral bird activity nesting prevention.  Speak to our experts today and ask for a no obligation demonstration.

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