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Repair and Restoration

At Omni IPS we provide a complete surface maintenance and restoration service for all commercial and residential properties. 

Marble and Stone Cleaning and Polishing

We work on all types of natural and man-made stone, including marble, granite, porcelain, limestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo, wooden floor finishes et al.

A Bespoke Approach -  We provide a bespoke cleaning, refurbishment, and maintenance solution for all kinds of stone surfaces in all kinds of establishments.

Projects large and small – We are happy to work on both small and large projects and have extensive experience of both.

Advice - We are happy to discuss and give advice on any stone problem, however a visit to view the issue usually provides a more detailed solution.

Free samples – Depending on the specification and client requirement we are happy to carry out a free sample of the work required to show what the finished result will look like, call us to discuss.

Types of work undertaken by OMNI IPS:

  • Stain removal

  • Repairs

  • Re-polishing

  • Cleaning

  • Restoration

  • Grout removal, replacement, and cleaning

  • Sealing and protection

  • Slip retardant application

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Tiling

What does your stone need?


On honed (non-polished) materials usually all that is required is cleaning. A lot of limestone is finished in this way to give the stone a matt appearance.

Cleaning & Polishing:

This will be suitable for most natural stones that have lost shine and lustre due to everyday use. It involves cleaning the stone to remove dirt and stains followed by a chemical re-polish of the stone to restore the high shine finish.

Marble Cleaning

Surface Repair & Restoration

At OMNI IPS  we offer our clients high specification repair works on stone, wood, marble, veneer laminates.

Partial restoration:

This is when a small area needs to be re-surfaced to remove an area of damage, e.g. a scratch caused by a stone stuck under a door or a spillage. We can carry out a small area of re-surfacing and then blend it seamlessly into the existing finish.

Full restoration:

The entire surface area is re-ground and re-surfaced to bring the stone back to its original look or to change the finish from matt to high shine and vice versa. All the above processes can be carried out on all types of natural stone in all situations, e.g. floors, walls, tops and in all locations.


Sealing & Protection:

We advise that after any work carried out on your surface, it is re-sealed and protected. Talk to us about your building and we will provide the service.

Surface Restoration
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